LivingSmart - Regain control over alcohol

LivingSmart - Regain control over alcohol

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"Why Can't I Stop?!"

No more fighting the urge to drink...

When you take the LivingSmart course, you will not have to rely on willpower. In fact, willpower plays absolutely no part. There are no tricks or gimmicks of any sort. Truly living smart is a lifestyle, a state of mind, and once you get there, you'll never go back. So welcome to the science-driven course that addresses the alcohol problem where it was formed: in the brain.

The answer to getting control - and KEEPING it - is something called cognitive behavioral training

How many times have you quit or tried to control drinking? A lot of drinkers actually lose count. You might look back at the last ordeal of quitting and shiver - the teeth grinding, white-knuckled willpower wasn't enough. Eventually, like always, you drank in an unhealthy way. You thought, "I'll try again soon." But why does this happen? The answer is simple: There is a driving force behind the alcohol addiction, and most methods of quitting or cutting down do nothing to address it.

When we’re born, we don’t think about alcohol. While we’re kids, alcohol plays no role in our thought process. But then somewhere along the way we begin to practice unhealthy drinking habits and we form emotional attachments to alcohol. As this happens, our beliefs and thoughts also begin to change. And then, of course, our brains change. This is why when we try to cut back or quit, we fail. Time and time again, we abandon the effort to control or quit alcohol, exhausted and frustrated. Our habits and our bodies return to where we started and the stubborn hold of alcohol is as strong as ever. These attempts to quit or cut back are doomed to fail from the beginning - this is because our brains are still stuck.

It’s time to “unstick” the brain…

How it Works

    There are things you’ve come to believe that simply aren’t true. You will begin telling yourself the truth, and the truth is powerful. Once you know the truth, your one true choice will be revealed.

    As your beliefs are corrected, your thoughts will also change. As a drinker, you’ve repeated certain negative thought patterns over and over, and these thoughts have created an emotional sense of dependency on alcohol. As you replace the negative thoughts with positive, empowering thoughts, you will find that the choice to be alcohol-free becomes a simple and natural decision.

    You will rewire your brain to work for you rather than against you. You will probably be surprised to see cravings and urges - once something to dread – transform into sources of motivation and something you actually welcome… Eventually they will fade and vanish altogether. And then you will be naturally living smart.

The simple format is a lot like other online classes you may have taken, with one important distinction: Cognitive training is about more than just gaining knowledge or a skill - it's about creating new, healthy behaviors.

With LivingSmart you will rediscover the way you thought before you became emotionally and mentally dependent on alcohol. The false beliefs you’ve learned will be corrected. The negative thoughts that have undermined and sabotaged all your past efforts to quit or control your drinking will be exposed and fixed. Your brain will be trained to think about alcohol the way it used to. You will relearn what until now you never even knew you forgot.

What to expect

LivingSmart is made up of 12 sessions.They are video-based and split into short segments. The whole thing is self-explanatory, so just go with the flow. You'll take quizzes as you progress and be given assignments that will raise your motivation for success and enforce a naturally smart mindset. Most importantly, you will use something called a key to success card to help with the process of retraining your brain to live smart

The process is called cognitive behavioral training, and it fixes unhealthy drinking patterns from the roots, in the brain, where they were formed. By the end of the course you will be naturally in control of alcohol.