YPO Executive Wellness Program Pilot

YPO Executive Wellness Program Pilot

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Thank you for participating in the YPO Executive Wellness Program Pilot. During the Beta test, you will have access to at-home lab tests and diagnostic screenings, video-based behavior change courses, and 3 months of precision health coaching to personalize and guide your experience.

As a Beta participant, we ask that you cover the direct costs of the program which are $750.00 (public retail pricing for these services are is over $1500). We’ll also ask that you provide important feedback to help shape the program for the rest of YPO. 

The program will provide a baseline starting point for your physical characteristics, metabolic function, and your genomics.  You will then be paired one-to-one with a trained and Certified Health Coach who, based on your specific results, will help you set SMART goals and will guide you toward improved wellness for 12-weeks.  Your coach will work under the direction of the program medical director, Robert Sheeler, M.D.   At the end of the program, we will again measure your progress and provide results so we can see how effective the program has been. 

As part of the program, you will receive in the mail: 

  • Two At-home finger kit blood collection kits (one for start and one for end of program) 
  • Saliva DNA collection kit 
  • Blood pressure monitor 
  • Tape measure to track physical changes to your waist and hips
  • App for a one-night FDA Approved sleep apnea screen 

All health information will be held in compliance with HIPAA and shared only with you, your Coach and the Dr Sheeler.  No one from YPO will have access to any personal data.  The groups' collective de-identified results will be used to prove efficacy of the program.

We appreciate your willingness to pioneer this program, which based on your feedback, should make all YPO Members healthier leaders.  THANK YOU!

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